REKA Cleaning Set – Flute



These instruments need to be cleaned and dried after playing. Residual moisture causes the wood to swell, leading eventually to the formation of cracks. Keypads swell on and can be destroyed by bacterial attack.

The special thing about the REKA cleaning sets for wood- wind instruments is the form-piece.
It guides the absorbent leather cloth smoothly along the interior walls of the instrument. This allows optimal water absorption – starting from the bell with saxophones.

With flutes, the head is the critical section. Again, the distinguishing characteristic of the REKA flute cleaner is
its form-piece. It directs the water absorbent cloth where it’s needed most.

The REKA tone hole cleaner set is comprised of 4 cleaning rods of graded sizes, suitable for cleaning the tone holes of clarinets, saxophones, bassoons, oboes and flutes which are not covered by keys.

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